Seventeen-year-old Daniel Lauron exemplifies uncaptured enthusiasm and the true spirit of service to his country and local community.

I am just one of 119 public servants, including elected officials, who are part of Jackson Township and am honored to serve our residents. Lauron, while unpaid, informally joins our team of public servants.

I met with him in my township office, and he told me he wanted to build a respectable and permanent site in our township cemetery to provide a designated place for the proper ceremonial retirement of U.S. flags.

Boy Scout Troop 412, of which Lauron is a member, has held flag-retirement ceremonies at the Old Concord Cemetery at the corner of Hoover and London-Groveport roads in Jackson Township on Memorial Day and Veterans Day weekends for the past few years using a mobile fire source, but he decided his Eagle Scout project would be to construct a permanent and more dignified flag-retirement site at our cemetery.

Supplies and labor to make Lauron's project a success graciously were donated by Buckeye Concrete, Complete Restoration Services, Deco-Crete Supply, and Masons Sand and Gravel, contributing toward a construction process Lauron described as "fascinating."

Lauron said in his comments May 28 during the official dedication ceremony of Troop 412's memorial site, "The permanent site for the ceremonial retirement of flags will be able to serve this community by teaching reverence to Scouts and by encouraging our community to show honor to our country's flag as it is properly retired."

Curt Mayhew, the father of another Scout in Lauron's troop said, "The Scouts started the process of holding flag-retirement ceremonies using a mobile fire source, but Daniel wanted a more permanent fixture in hopes the likelihood of the ceremony continuing would increase."

Rodney Armstrong, Lauron's Scout Master, was one of many who offered Lauron a lot of help with his project.

"What he's done with the project has allowed the troop to be more formal and professional in its flag-retirement ceremonies," Armstrong said.

"Daniel's project had a very impressive outcome. He had a great support group around him, but he stepped forward and coordinated the project on his own. The Scouts in the troop look up to Daniel, and he sets a great example for several others in our troop who plan to work toward their Eagle Scout ranks. It is important to have someone like Daniel for them to look up to," he said.

Lauron, who along with his supporters spent nearly 400 hours on his project, has three more merit badges to obtain prior to earning his Eagle Scout rank and plans to continue his service to his country by enlisting in the National Guard this September.

"Looking back, I think all the stress was worth it," Lauron said. "I probably should have had a much better attitude because if my project benefits the community, it has been worth it all."

Lauron is only one example of the residents in this community who give sacrificially to Jackson Township. Please accept our sincerest thanks and gratitude to everyone who gives back monetarily, volunteers or serves.

The Jackson Township trustees look forward to honoring Lauron at their 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 13, meeting when the board formally accepts ownership of Lauron's permanent site for the ceremonial retirement of U.S. flags.

Watch a video at, and note tattered flags may be dropped off at the Jackson Township Administration Building or any fire station.

Anyone with questions may contact me at or 614-945-5045.

Lynn Bruno is the assistant administrator for Jackson Township. Her primary job functions include human-resources manager and public-information officer.