The Hilliard Division of Police did not issue any citations during the first event using the Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area on June 8, according to officer Hyda Slone.

The first concert in the Celebration at the Station series at Hilliard's Station Park marked the first time that patrons were able to consume alcoholic beverages legally in public areas in Old Hilliard.

The DORA permits the possession and consumption of alcohol in public areas within certain boundaries during specific times and dates; alcohol must be purchased at one of the four establishments within the DORA and cannot be brought in from outside.

"The event went smoothly; it was a good kickoff," police Chief Bobby Fisher said.

Fisher said a few "minor things" might require tweaking for future events. He said the crowds were large, particularly near the concert stage, and if attendance increases at future events, officers might need to consider alternate plans to manage the crowd size.

Eight more DORA events are scheduled this summer from 6 to 10 p.m. Thursdays through Aug. 10 and three Saturday events July 8, Aug. 12 and Sept. 9.

"We love this; it brought us down here on a Thursday night to hear a live band and socialize," said Laura Sapsara, 27, who attended the concert with her husband, Kyle, 29.

The event attracted those from outside Hilliard, too, including Trevor Hervey, 28, of Dublin.

"(Hilliard) is doing this the right way. This has a great hometown feel (and) it's something I (haven't done) in Dublin," said Hervey, who learned about the event from friends who live in Hilliard.

Jim Velio, owner of Otie's Tavern and Grill, 5344 Center St., said "we made history tonight."

Otie's is one of the four establishments at which alcohol may be purchased within the DORA. The others are Abner's Casual Dining, 4051 Main St., Sports on Tap, 4030 Main St., and the Old Bag of Nails Pub, 4065 Main St.

"It was a great night (but) also a learning experience," Velio said.

Lines for alcohol were long during the concert but became shorter as the night wore on, he said.

Velio said he expected to have a pick-up window built at Otie's by the next DORA event Thursday, June 15, so patrons would not need to go inside the tavern to order.

When the DORA hours ended at 10 p.m. and Center Street was reopened, officers on bicycles swept the area to ask those still on sidewalks with alcohol to go back indoors or onto patios at the restaurants.