It's been said every party eventually moves into the kitchen.

Fortunately, Bruce and Cindy Hagen have that guest-migration covered.

Cindy Hagen said the kitchen is the centerpiece of the couple's condominium at 634 Jaeger St. in the Beck Place condominium complex.

"This is the best kitchen I've ever had," she said. "Who needs a dining room?"

The Hagens' house is one of 12 sites -- 10 houses and two gardens -- on the 58th German Village Haus und Garten Tour, to be held from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Sunday, June 25.

Tickets for the tour are $20 if purchased in advance through or at the German Village Meeting Haus, 588 S. Third St. Tickets also are available for $18 at all central Ohio Giant Eagle locations. Tickets can be purchased for $25 on the day of the tour at the Meeting Haus.

For more information, call the Meeting Haus at 614-221-8888.

The Hagens, who formerly lived on Reinhard Avenue near Schiller Park, wanted to downsize and felt that condo living would be a good fit for their busy lifestyles, Hagen said.

The kitchen, which was completely refurbished, offers seating for six, granite countertops, tiled backsplash and a large-capacity refrigerator and smaller beverage refrigerator.

An attached patio allows guests an opportunity to enjoy additional seating, several colorful potted plants and a small lounge area covered by a retractable awning.

"I think of it as an additional room off of our kitchen," Hagen said.

The condo, which has hardwood floors throughout, is comfortable with warm, neutral tones. The family room has carefully chosen artwork, a large vintage-style cabinet and an electric fireplace surrounded by stone.

There are two bedrooms, one that also serves as an office, each with a full bath and a master suite with a walk-in closet.

The Hagens moved from 3,100 square feet to 1,900 square feet about a year ago. They renovated the condo.

"We just made it our own," said Cindy Hagen, who did the decorating.

The Haus und Garten Tour, the biggest fundraiser for the German Village Society, draws thousands to the historic district every year.

Linda Gorsuch, who's co-chairwoman of the event with Susan Salt, said they chose houses that cover a large geographic area, giving patrons an impressive view of the village as well as the tour stops.

"We have such a wide range of architectural sizes, styles, decor and use of space," Gorsuch said. "Each house is always unique. It's such a wonderful weekend and people are so gracious opening up their homes."

This year's tour is titled "150 Years of Schiller: Poetry. Party," referring to the 150th anniversary of Schiller Park. A portion of the park will be dedicated to the "Marketplatz," with booths featuring gently used and vintage items for houses and gardens.

Those who prefer to kick back between tour stops can rent a chauffeur-driven golf cart for $350, which includes a dedicated driver, plus cart seats and tour tickets for five people. Lunch is provided by Jimmy John's.

Patrons can also skip standing in lines by purchasing an Autobahn ticket for $50. Lunch is also provided by Jimmy John's for people who buy that service. Autobahn tickets are limited to the first 200 people.

PreTour party tickets were nearly sold out late last week.

Always held the day prior to the Haus und Garten Tour, the PreTour begins at 4:30 p.m. Saturday, June 24. Participants will either start at Schiller Park with a cocktail party followed by a sneak preview of the properties on this year's tour, or participate in a tent dinner in the park.

Ticket prices range from $125 for young professionals age 35 and younger to $175 for nonmembers, or $150 for members of the German Village Society.

Eric Vanderson of 643 S. Fifth St. said he decided to participate in the tour this year, about a year after moving into his house. His girlfriend, Megan Maiberger, is an interior designer who decorated the residence, which displays a mix of traditional and modern.

"I never thought of opening the house to thousands of people," Vanderson said. "It wasn't something on my mind.

"I thought it would be fun and give us a deadline for the house projects."