Picnic with the Partnership on Saturday, June 24, will serve as the debut of the Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area.

The DORA permits the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages in public areas within certain boundaries during authorized times and events.

Here are four tips for navigating the DORA:

No BYOB. Period.

Drinks within the DORA must be purchased at the eight participating locations. Any outside alcohol is banned from the DORA, and Worthington police will enforce that rule.

Eight is enough.

Patrons will be able to purchase drinks at Dewey's Pizza, Harold's American Grille, House Wine, La Chatelaine, the Old Bag of Nails Pub, A Taste of Vietnam, the Whitney House and the Worthington Inn.

Watch your step.

The DORA has specific boundaries and signs along the boundaries (High Street between Village Green Drive South and South Street and east to west from 26 E. New England Ave. to 41 W. New England Ave.) will be posted to remind patrons not to leave it while possessing open containers of alcohol. Those who do not comply would be subject to open-container laws that otherwise would apply.

Drinks al fresco?

With the DORA in place, city leaders are working to amend the outdoor-dining code to allow businesses to serve alcohol during their regular liquor-license hours in the public rights of way where they have seating.