For residents who want to contribute to programs that have a local impact but who might not have a large amount of time or resources to give, the Bexley Community Foundation has launched the 1908 Society.

The foundation's new giving level honors the city's historical roots. By giving a minimum gift of $19.08, residents will have an opportunity to become donors and stakeholders in the foundation, said Susan Quintenz, foundation board chairwoman.

"The foundation did a strategic planning process, and we realized that one of our priorities for the next few years should be community engagement," she said. "We thought, 'How could we appeal to the breadth of our community in a fun and funky way and give them a chance to become donors and stakeholders?' In thinking about that, we realized the village of Bexley was incorporated in 1908 and that seemed to be an accessible price point at which people might consider coming into the foundation family."

The 1908 Society is open to individuals, families, organizations and clubs. Gifts may be made in honor of occasions, family, friends or pets. All donors will be invited to the foundation's annual meeting in September.

Several residents joined the society when foundation representatives announced the initiative during the Main Event summer entertainment series June 16 on Capital University's front lawn.

"We have a small core of donors already," Quintenz said. "We asked people in the crowd, so we could send them more information, and some people stepped up and joined. Some people have rounded up to $20. We've had donations of $19.15, $19.08, so we're already having fun."

The 1908 Society officially will launch during the farmers market, at an event from 4 to 7 p.m. Aug. 10 at the corner of East Main Street and Dawson Avenue. Foundation representatives will serve free birthday cake in celebration of "Bexley Day."

"We hope people will visit us and find out about The 1908 Society and just enjoy the friendliness of our community," Quintenz said.

Residents who become part of the 1908 Society will have an opportunity to volunteer with the foundation throughout the year.

"We're hoping this will become like a friends group where folks want to become involved in the community, but it doesn't infringe on their daytime jobs," Quintenz said. "Perhaps they could help with the (city's) birthday party next year or our float in the Fourth of July parade without the onus of being on a board but being involved in the community."

For more information about the society, call foundation executive director Hallie Raskin at 614-235-4070 or visit