BexArts, a group that recently formed to promote the arts and support local artists, will spread the word about the organization and encourage people to get involved by participating in the Bexley Celebrations Association's Fourth of July parade and evening celebration at Capital University.

True to the organization's mission, BexArts members plan to distribute small pieces of art during the celebration.

During their June 20 meeting at Bexley City Hall, BexArts members discussed staffing a table at the Fourth of July celebration and inviting participants to pick up small garden rocks painted with the phrase "Be Kind."

The concept of distributing painted rocks to promote goodwill and community spirit is an ongoing national campaign that has spread through word of mouth, BexArts member Denise Galinkin Blank said.

"It originally started with a lady in Cape Cod (Massachusetts) who put them on the beach for people to find randomly with messages that were positive," she said. "The easiest message to fit on any rock is 'Be Kind.'"

The idea is for residents to give rocks emblazoned with positive messages to family, friends and neighbors, Galinkin Blank said.

"The idea is you find it, you're happy, you paint your own rock, you give a rock to someone and it's spreading good cheer," she said.

The painted rocks can be placed in a home, garden or public space.

"You can put it anywhere you want," Galinkin Blank said. "The idea is just to enjoy it or give it away to someone else."

BexArts members discussed creating a public rock garden at a site yet to be determined in Bexley. The organization's nine-member steering committee represents a range of arts-related experience and interests, including music, theater, visual arts, writing and graphic arts.

For additional information, visit the organization's Facebook page,