Delaware County has tossed the rings in favor of a fresh, new logo.

The county June 29 unveiled its new logo, which features an outline of the county on a map of the state of Ohio. Blue, gold and green sections represent the county's waterways, farms and parks.

Jane Hawes, the county's communications manager, said the fact that six counties share the name "Delaware" influenced the logo's design.

"There's so many other Delaware counties in the U.S., we felt it was going to be very important to have both Ohio featured prominently and then the county itself," she said.

Hawes said Commissioner Jeff Benton's suggestion led to the words Delaware County forming a horseshoe shape in the logo.

"Obviously, equine history is a very important part of our history," she said.

Hawes said the county's various elected officials, such as the prosecutor and recorder, were allowed to add their own design touches to their offices' individual logos.

Commissioner Barb Lewis said the results of the redesign process are "really impressive."

"I love the way it can be customized to what the other elected officials would like," she said.

Commissioner Gary Merrell said he also likes the "versatility" of the logo.

The county's previous logo, which has been in use for decades, features interlocking rings bearing the names of the county's townships.

Benton said in a statement the new branding materials are a welcome change.

"Our old logo served us well for many decades, but we felt we needed something that expresses even more about who we are as a county and how positive we feel about what a great place this is for our residents, our business owners and our visitors," he said.

Merrell said the county should find a way to "memorialize" the old logo to recognize its place in history.

The county paid Cleveland-based Guide Studio $45,150 to design the logo and other branding materials. The same firm, which previously was known as Studio Graphique, developed a new logo for the city of Delaware in 2014.

Hawes said the county will phase in the new logo on signs, stationery and vehicles through the remainder of the year. County officials have estimated the cost of replacing the old logo at about $10,000.