Worthington's weekly farmers market has a year-round schedule and is one of central Ohio's largest and most popular markets.

This summer, the ThisWeek Worthington News will feature vendors each week in a question-and-answer format to highlight some of the products customers crowd High Street in Old Worthington to buy.

Miss Cristy's Bakery

Cristy Dubois calls herself a "cottage baker" and founded her bakery after a divorce when she "decided to take the plunge."

Her baked goods can be found at several central Ohio farmers markets and one in Toledo, and their popularity has her considering expansion.

The bakery is active on social media and at misscristysbakery.com.

Q: Are you exclusively a local business, or do you reach into other cities or states?

A: I am a local business servicing the Columbus area. Eventually, I would like to expand to an online business and perhaps a brick-and-mortar location. No rush, though -- I am happy with the pace of my business growth right now.

Q: Why is the farmers market a good environment for your products?

A: I like being able to interact with my customers directly. I like that my daughters are able to do the same. I believe it is teaching them valuable skills like sales, communication and marketing.

Q: What is your most popular item?

A: My two most popular items are probably my pies and the bagels. My scones also tend to sell out at every market.

Q: Do you sell products for different seasons or stay consistent?

A: Most of my items are consistent, but I do carry seasonal pies and scones, which vary based on seasonal fruit. I enjoy working with different vendors and featuring their products in my goods.