John Ehlers is out and Nick Cipiti is in as president of the Northwest Civic Association board of trustees.

Neither Ehlers, who had been serving as president, nor his adversary on the board, Kyle Hartman, who had been serving as vice president, remained as officers once the at-times contentious special meeting held June 28 ended.

As a result of board resignations that took place in the wake of the acrimony among members that became public at the association's annual meeting June 7, only six trustees were on hand for the special session, which was attended by about 35 people.

Longtime graphics and zoning committee Chairwoman Rosemarie Lisko, Treasurer Mark Krietemeyer and Trustee Greg Marietti all quit after the annual gathering, leaving only Ehlers, Hartman, Cipiti, Kellie Ehlers, Ruth Royal and Julie Schlosser on the panel.

The governing document for the association calls for a 15-member board of trustees.

John Ehlers, who convened the special meeting while still president, was blocked in his bid to hold onto the office on a procedural matter raised by Bill Schuck, himself a former board president and author of the code of regulations.

In his proposed agenda for the June 28 session, Ehlers listed adding more members to the board ahead of the election of officers, after announcing that both he and Hartman had stepped down from their posts.

Schuck pointed out the agenda Ehlers originally sent out in emails to the members reversed that order, with the officers being selected before more members were added to the board.

Ehlers said he felt it was "only reasonable" to have a full board before officer votes were taken.

"I'm totally not in agreement with what you said," Royal said to Ehlers. "That was not the way it was stated."

"What's going on?" asked John Fortkamp, a member of the association, as the discussion continued. "Why is all this happening? Somebody tell me."

Ehlers said disagreements had developed among board members.

"We're trying to resolve that conflict," he added.

Over the objections of Ehlers and his wife, Kellie Ehlers, the other four members voted to have officer elections held before more trustees were added.

Royal then nominated Cipiti for president. Kellie Ehlers nominated her husband and the two cast their ballots for him to retain his leadership role.

The others, however, cast their ballots for Cipiti.

Royal was elected vice president and Schlosser will remain secretary.

John Ehlers rejected a nomination to be treasurer.

"I decline to be treasurer," he said. "I don't want to be treasurer."

"I don't think I want to do that," either, Royal said when Cipiti asked her to take on the task.

"We will do without a treasurer for the foreseeable future," Cipiti said.

Lisko, in the audience with the four most recent student trustees from Centennial High School, said the problems that led to the special meeting arose when John Ehlers refused to share a membership list for the association with the other trustees.

"That's not true," Ehlers replied.

"I personally asked you to give me the membership list, and you would not," Lisko said.

Eventually, she added, it became clear the roll was down to only 19 paid members, which she called "mind-blowing."

A membership list of 58 names, including half a dozen who had signed up since the controversy became public, was unanimously approved by the trustees.

Cipiti agreed to work with three association members to develop a job description for trustees and attempt to interview candidates for the nine vacant posts prior to the next regular meeting on Aug. 2.

The trustees don't typically meet in July.