To the Editor:

The city of Columbus has been charging residents for stormwater and river cleanup since 2010. Now the city is claiming they must install these rain gardens to stop the storm waters from flowing into the sewage system.

They have done this without any consultation with residents. No other options were pursued. The residents are just supposed to accept this as the best option. It is definitely the cheapest.

So where has all that money gone that they have been collecting? What if they don't work?

The city claims they will maintain the rain gardens for two years and then it becomes the residents' responsibility. What if that resident is not capable? I live in Clintonville and I have not spoken to many residents that support these rain gardens.

If you go to the Blueprint Columbus website, they only surveyed four areas, and not one was in Clintonville. There is deep concern that the rain gardens will impact the property values in the neighborhood. There is also concern about standing water and mosquito breeding. It seems that the city is no longer concerned about their residents.

I urge concerned residents to go to the blueprint website and look at the documentation of the meetings. It is evident that they did not allow community input.

Linda Lewis