Due to an enrollment increase over the past three school years, the Bexley City School District stands to gain an additional $205,743 in state funding in fiscal year 2018 over 2017, according to district Treasurer Kyle Smith.

"When the state looked at the budget for this cycle, they looked back at FY 14 as a baseline for enrollment for each school district and compared it to FY 16 figures," he said. "Our enrollment has increased by about 6 percent since then. This is an across-the-board increase, as the state looks at the district totals."

According to Bexley's most recent enrollment numbers as of spring 2017, 2,400 students live in the district, and 2,340 of those students attend Bexley city schools.

Bexley received $3,909,194 from the Ohio Department of Education's General Revenue Fund in FY 2017 based on a per-pupil valuation, and is projected to receive $4,129,079 in FY 2018, a 5.6 percent increase, according to ODE.

The Bexley school district's total projected budget for fiscal year 2018 is $37.8 million.

"The state funds by the number of students who live in the district, and we have (deductions) for kids that attend community schools" and other schools outside of the district, Smith said.

The district's enrollment increases over the past three years have mostly come from gains at the middle school and high school, Smith said.

"We typically see grade-level enrollments increase when students enter the middle school and again when they go from eighth to ninth grade," he said. "This, we think, is due to students coming from non-public schools in the early years and coming back to Bexley for secondary years and graduation."

The district receives 11.5 percent of its annual funding from ODE's General Revenue Fund, according to Smith's calculations. The rest of the district's funding comes from local property taxes (57 percent), local income taxes (22.5 percent), and reimbursements from the Ohio Department of Taxation (7.7 percent).

The remaining 1.3 percent of the district's funding comes from miscellaneous revenue sources such as interest income, rental income and payments from parents who move outside the district and pay tuition for their students to finish out the school year in Bexley.