My first impression of German Village's Art Crawl was anything but boring.

From running down Macon Alley an hour before the event started to frantically hanging directional signs and becoming a part of the crowd, browsing the art of 38 local artists, Art Crawl '17 was one to remember.

What might first appear as a casual alley lacing its way from East Whittier Street to Frankfort Street, Macon Alley seemed to transform almost instantly into a miniature wonderland of art, music and brews.

With keys to the golf cart in hand (arguably one of the top perks of being the intern), I started the day off with the most important job of an intern: manual labor.

Having the opportunity to help out with and see the transformation of the alley was definitely worth all the work.

It did not matter if a tent needed set up, a sign run down from one side of the alley to the other or liners put in all the garbage cans, there was always someone willing to help with the event.

Volunteers, staff members and avid German Village lovers all took to the alley to do whatever they could to bring the area to life for the evening.

It was one thing to be there helping before the event, but it was amazing to see the way everything fell together for a truly magical night as people began to line the alley.

I was able to help with tickets at the beginning of the evening, handing out presold tickets to the sold-out event and handing out even more general admission tickets to people pulled into the event through their own curiosity.

As the next shift of volunteers took over my job, it was my turn to take to the alley.

Walking down the alley was an experience by itself. As I explored the different art, it was almost as if the sounds of the three local artists and smells of German Village's array of food options changed to fit the different nooks and crannies of the alley.

Being able to find artwork that ranges from paintings to vintage jewelry was something I had never experienced, some of my personal favorites being metal working and fiber pieces. There was artwork for every type of personality and occasion.

The alley never stopped bustling, even as the night came to a close. It was an amazing feeling to know all the hard work of everyone involved with helping Art Crawl come together paid off in such a successful night.

When I first moved to Columbus two years ago for school, I had no idea I would be so lucky as to fall in love with German Village and get a chance to be an intern here.

The dedication to history and loyalty to the community is evident in events such as the Art Crawl, and I can't wait to return to the adorned alley next year.

German Village Society intern Lillian van Wyngaarden submitted the Village Notebook column .