Worthington's weekly farmers market has a year-round schedule and is one of central Ohio's largest and most popular markets.

This summer, the ThisWeek Worthington News will feature vendors each week in a question-and-answer format to highlight some of the products customers crowd High Street in Old Worthington to buy.

Organic GreenFix

The inspiration for Organic GreenFix came out of necessity.

In 1999, co-owner Katie McKivergin's cousin was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, and soon struggled to swallow solid foods. Her cousin's mother came up with a vegetable smoothie that would help him get the nutrients he needed.

Another of McKivergin's cousins took interest in the smoothies and began selling them out of farmers markets in California, expanding to the point of selling at 11 markets by 2011.

McKivergin, along with her parents, started Organic GreenFix as a separate business in Ohio, selling similar products and delivering to central Ohio markets.

They sell smoothies and cleanses with ingredients ranging from multiple types of kale to apple juice and banana.

More information about Organic GreenFix is available at organicgreenfix.com.

Manager Sean Bamford answered some questions for the weekly question-and-answer feature.

Q: Are you a local business, or do you reach into other cities or states? Do you plan to expand in the future?

A: We are totally local. While we may expand to additional locations in the future, we are focused on Columbus for now.

Q: Do you have a brick-and-mortar location or an online presence for sales, or do you focus on farmers markets?

A: We have a storefront and production kitchen in Clintonville at 4426 Indianola Ave., just a few minutes from Worthington.

Q:Why is the farmers market a good environment for your products?

A: We love selling at farmers markets because the shoppers there are invested in local businesses and very frequently are interested in health and nutrition. This makes markets a perfect fit for GreenFix.

Q: Do you sell different products throughout the summer or have consistent options?

A: We have signature blends available all the time, and during peak months, we offer weekly specials crafted from the best ingredients of the season.