Boy Scout Troop 474's annual fundraising event to keep its activities affordable for all will take place Saturday, Aug. 19.

The 33rd annual garage sale will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Overbrook Presbyterian Church, 4131 N. High St.

Shoppers will have a lot to choose from, said Scoutmaster Chip Herr.

"We've got three storage units actually packed to the gills and have some overflow in some of our volunteers' garages," he said.

"As usual, we have a lot of stuff," garage sale committee chairman Jim Ray said.

Items for the sale, which this year include a donated automobile, have been accumulating since members of Troop 474 began collecting them back in June.

The sales areas, which will be configured differently this year due to some shifting around of office space at the church, feature collectibles, clothing, furniture, dishes, books, electronics and more, Ray said.

"We have a lot of good stuff," he said.

Publicity coordinator Susan Gaunce said the troop is grateful to Overbrook Presbyterian Church for "letting us take over the parking lot and church" over the last week.

Although the main goal of the event, which first was held in 1985, is to help pay the troop's charter and camping fees, as well as go toward equipment, supplies, insurance and awards, Gaunce said it also provides Scouts with a sense of tradition and leadership skills.

"Each year, new Scouts join the troop," she wrote in announcing the event. "It's the job of the older Scouts to pass on what they have learned in their journey through scouting. The sale provides an opportunity to hone and demonstrate leadership skills, teamwork and adherence to the ideals of scouting."

"It allows the Scouts to plan out their yearly activities," Herr said. "We have a pretty robust program within the troop. We do a wide range of camping trips, from going up to Lake Erie to whitewater rafting, caving, fishing, campouts, whatever. It comes down to being a very minimal cost for them to participate in the program."

"It funds all the activities for the year," Ray said. "It allows us to have very affordable campouts for the Scouts."