Sharon Township leaders are asking residents for a permanent levy to help fund the township's police department.

The deadline to file a ballot issue or petition for candidacy with the Franklin County Board of Elections was Aug. 9. Issues and candidates should be certified Aug. 21, according to board of elections spokesman Aaron Sellers.

If certified, the township's 4-mill levy on the Nov. 7 ballot would be expected to raise about $250,000 a year to help supplement the budget of the police department.

The levy would cost residents $140 per $100,000 of property value annually, according to the board of elections.

The department's last levy came in 2010, when leaders promised residents to make the funds last for at least three years.

Police Chief Donald Schwind said the department simply needs to continue bringing in more revenue in order to serve its residents.

"Costs kept increasing, which just started depleting all our revenue we were bringing in," he said. "In order to maintain the same level of service we have now, we need more revenue."

Sharon Township's annual police budget is about $1 million, so the $250,000 in funding for the department would be critical, Schwind said.

He said if the levy were rejected, personnel cuts could follow.

"Our personnel is our largest cost, so if it doesn't pass, you'd have to look there first for making cuts," he said.

The township has 10 full-time officers and 1 part-time officer.

Schwind said township leaders plan to hold community meetings to answer questions from residents.