Local voters will have a packed Nov. 7 general-election ballot for city, school and township races.

Seven candidates are running for three seats on the Worthington Schools board, nine candidates are running for four seats on Worthington City Council, three candidates are running for two seats on the Perry Township board of trustees and eight candidates are running for two seats on the Sharon Township board of trustees.

City Council President Bonnie Michael, who was re-elected in 2015 and isn’t on the ballot this election cycle, said she hopes the candidates run “positive races.”

She said she is concerned that such a large number of candidates could mean an ugly campaign season.

“One of the things, to me, that’s sad for a community is when people start running negative campaigns about the individuals,” she said. “I really think it’s great when everyone can run on why they are good and what they would do for the community.

“Sometimes when people want to distinguish themselves from others, they’re going to say how bad somebody else is to build themselves up. I just hope it stays issue-oriented and about what the candidates have to offer to the community.”

Michael said she can’t remember a time in the past 20 years when City Council had so many candidates and she “really has no idea” why so many names are involved in the race.

The biggest change for City Council members since the last election came in late 2016, when members voted to significantly increase their salaries for the first time since 1988, bringing pay closer to the average of other cities. Members’ salaries were increased to $660 per month and the council president’s was increased to $760 per month. They were paid $50 per meeting.

The filing deadline for issues and petitions for candidacy with the Franklin County Board of Elections was Aug. 9.

The elections board is scheduled to certify issues and petitions Aug. 21, board spokesman Aaron Sellers said.

According to the unofficial filings from the board of elections, the lists of candidates are as follows:

Worthington City Council
(nine candidates, four seats)

• Sean C. Demaree, 50, 313 Highland Ave., Worthington

• Rachael Dorothy, 40, 179 Kenbrook Drive, Worthington (incumbent)

• Michael D. Farley, 39, 508 Haymore Ave. S., Worthington

• Beth Kowalczyk, 48, 203 W Selby Blvd., Worthington

• Scott Myers, 60, 272 Colonial Ave., Worthington (incumbent)

• Ian Mykel, 50, 2330 Collins Drive, Worthington

• David Norstrom, 67, 210 Hardy Way, Worthington (incumbent)

• David W. Robinson, 55, 195 E. Dublin-Granville Road, Worthington

• Michael C. Troper, 53, 85 Highland Ave., Worthington (incumbent)

Worthington school board
(seven candidates, three seats)

• Jennifer Best, 59, 2168 Sutter Parkway, Dublin (incumbent)

• P. R. Casey, 47, 826 Werner Way, Worthington

• William Scott Ebright, 64, 1526 Deer Creek Court, Worthington

• Nikki Hudson, 45, 250 E. South St., Worthington

• Amy Lloyd, 39, 6693 Markwood St., Worthington

• Marc A. Schare, 58, 2113 Selbourne Ct., Dublin (incumbent)

• Sam Shim, 47, 6834 Maxwelton Ct., Columbus (incumbent)

Perry Township trustees

(three candidates, two seats)

• Andrew English, 46, 1589 Newcomer Road, Columbus (incumbent)

• Jill Reardon, 40, 923 Highview Drive, Columbus

• Jim Roper, 58, 1183 Circle on the Green, Columbus (incumbent)

Sharon Township trustees
(eight candidates, two seats)

• Henry I. Belszek, 61, 5460 Olentangy Blvd., Columbus

• Chad A. Carr, 50, 381 Rosslyn Ave., Columbus

• Stephen Daley, 52, 852 Highview Drive, Columbus

• Lucas Haire, 37, 790 Pingree Drive, Worthington

• Ed Johnston, 56, 430 Crandall Drive, Worthington

• Laura Kunze, 44, 816 Plum Tree Drive, Columbus

• John H. Oberle, 47, 60 W. Southington Ave., Worthington (incumbent)

• Phillip Smith, 60, 264 W. Kanawha Ave., Columbus (incumbent)