McDonald's plans to raze its restaurant on Delaware's north side and replace it with a new building with "custom traits" selected to represent the city.

Delaware City Council on Aug. 14 approved McDonald's Real Estate Group's plan to demolish the 4,700-square-foot restaurant at 2091 U.S. Route 23 N. The company plans to build a new 3,900-square-foot building to replace the existing structure, which was built in 1985, according to city records.

David Efland, the city's planning and community development director, said McDonald's in 2013 received Delaware's OK to renovate the existing structure. That project never went forward, leading the company to return to the city this year with plans to replace the decades-old building.

"We're appreciative of (McDonald's) looking to make that investment in the community," he said.

Efland said McDonald's currently does not have plans to redevelop its truck-parking lot directly north of the restaurant.

According to city records, the new building will be a "typical McDonald's prototype with some 'Delaware' custom traits." Plans show Delaware blue-vein limestone incorporated on three of the building's sides.

Efland said the new design should improve the appearance of a busy stretch of highway near the city's northern limit.

"(It will) be an enhancement over what's here but also just in the general area," he said.

McDonald's also plans to redesign the restaurant's parking lot to include a second drive-thru lane.

Efland said the planned enhancements to the parking lot should improve circulation on the site, which sits just north of a Wendy's restaurant.

Curb cuts giving drivers on Route 23 access to the restaurant and truck-parking lot will remain. According to city records, a future Ohio Department of Transportation safety study could recommend the elimination of both curb cuts.

Drivers still would be able to access the restaurant by using the traffic signal just south of McDonald's if the curb cuts are eliminated.

McDonald's has not announced a timetable for the demolition and redevelopment of the site.