Now that membership on the Northwest Civic Association board of trustees has swelled to 15, President Nick Cipiti said he wants to create a get-acquainted opportunity.

Cipiti said he is calling for a "board retreat" Aug. 30 to better define the role and goal of the civic association.

"It's going to be a pretty high-level meeting," said Cipiti, who was voted president of the board at a special meeting June 28.

"I want to take a little time for everybody to get to know each other, see who's interested in which committees," Cipiti said. "I have some ideas as far as what I'd like to see come out of those committees and we're just going to kind of kick those things around.

"It's really more of a kickoff meeting than anything else. I want to get the assignments out and get the procedures rolling before too long."

Cipiti was voted in as head of the board, replacing longtime President John Ehlers, after simmering tensions among several members came to light at the organization's June 7 annual meeting.

By the time a vote was taken on officers at the special meeting later that month, only six people remained on the board of trustees. Several positions had gone unfilled and some members resigned.

The association's organizational documents prescribe there be 15 trustees.

Cipiti said he is not planning for the retreat to be open to the public.

"I want to take the opportunity for the board members to get to now each other without public scrutiny," he said.

Catherine "Kit" Logsdon, one of nine new board members voted in at the Aug. 5 monthly session, is looking forward to the retreat.

"The first thing that I would like, because I'm new to the area and new to the board, I'd like to learn more from the people on the board what the issues were, why there was turmoil there for a while and also what the goals are for broadening the service area," she said.

"Being from Clintonville and living in Clintonville for 51 years, I was used to that feeling of community and having community events. Looking around here, I don't find that."

Logsdon said what she hopes emerges from the Aug. 30 private meeting is the beginning of a process in which the NWCA can help develop a "community atmosphere," and perhaps sponsor events in the neighborhood.

"Because we have such a wide area, there's no concentrated pattern to it," she said. "You've got little pockets here and little pockets over there. Everybody's concerns and needs and future hopes are not together, so we need to try to meld them in some way.

"If we know where we're headed, we might be able to get there," Logsdon said.

Sassan Babei, another of the Aug. 5 additions to the board, will be out of town and unable to attend the retreat. However, he said he has spoken with Cipiti and has definite ideas what he would like to see come out of the session.

"I would hope that the goal of the retreat would first be calibration and alignment of the mission and everyone's duties," Babei said.

"Two would be defining the mission statement, which has already been defined but deciding what everyone's working towards in order to make NWCA a stronger organization.

"I think if those two things can be accomplished we'll be well on our way."

Cipiti said he has the meeting room in the Meadow Park Church of God reserved for two hours, and hopes to get a good deal accomplished in that time frame.

"As it stands now, pretty much everybody is going to be there," Cipiti said.