Our new roundabouts on Hamilton Road at Clark State and Northeast School are now complete with final pavement markings and the pedestrian beacons at the crosswalks.

Please remember that when the pedestrian beacons are flashing yellow, a pedestrian is waiting to cross. With no traffic lights to create gaps in traffic, pedestrians must wait for motorists to yield in order to cross. There will be more pedestrians and cyclists on Hamilton Road now that we have the multi-use trail complete, all the way from Stoneridge shopping center to Rocky Fork Creek.

Maybe parents will even allow their children to walk or bike to school. Please remember that pedestrians have the same right to cross the intersections as motorists.

We hear that modern roundabouts are safer than signalized intersections because crashes are fender benders rather than T-bones. But a fender bender to a car is a broken leg to a pedestrian.

I was crossing on foot about 1 p.m. Aug. 11 and I saw a student driving a Columbus Driving Academy car.

She was traveling southbound on Hamilton Road and stopped before entering the roundabout because motorists were already in the roundabout, having entered from Clark State Road. She may also have been watching to make sure I wasn't waiting to cross.

The motorist behind the student blasted his/her horn to harass her to proceed through the intersection. Thankfully, the student was not intimidated and waited until the roundabout was clear.

Shame on that motorist for honking at a better driver than him/herself, and kudos to the student driver who showed us how to drive correctly.

Patricia Kovacs