To the Editor:

Consideration should be given to more than just the increased cost of the city's new trash and recycling service. (Ours will quadruple.)

Here are a few workaday matters to ponder – storage and movement of the new containers.

First, do you have space in your garage to store containers two to three times larger than the current maximum allowable size? Second, consider maneuvering them around cars to get them out and in. The much larger containers may well require one to move a car. Third, consider moving them to the curb. Sixty-four and 96-gallon containers are very heavy and awkward to steer.

On occasion, I have helped one of our kids move his behemoths, and it is no easy task, even in the best of weather. Do you have a sloping driveway or are you physically limited? Sorry.

Understandably, the above challenges may cause more residents to leave the containers outside. Those without garages or crowded ones have always done so. Surely, unless well-concealed, these hippos will be an added eyesore. However, hiding them will not be easy or convenient, and in some cases it may be impossible.

Finally, getting back to increased cost, will the annual trash fee of $64 go away? Haven't seen a word about that.

Lots of not-so-simple issues for the governors and governed to think about.

Donald Cruickshank

Upper Arlington