To the Editor:

After Upper Arlington City Council's vote to allow rezoning for five properties on Westmont Boulevard, I would like to address this picture that the city is trying to paint for residents about how our home values will no doubt rise up as a result of this development.

I'm not here to refute what might ultimately happen to our home values down the road as it seems clear that Realtors are split on this topic. What the neighborhood is taking significant issue with is the potential timeline in which we could potentially see our property values increase.

Given that the city approved the rezoning of these properties on Westmont without the larger plan being presented all together and developed all together, there is little chance that residents will see any increase in value for almost a decade, given that it appears as though we will have three totally separate waves of development and construction now.

The developer will start as soon as the plans are approved on this development and that will be his focus, phase one. We anticipate he then will shift gears to developing what he owns on Chester, phase two; and finally, once the residents along Lane Avenue finally sell, he will then close out his development along Lane Avenue, phase three.

Based on the timeline that it took for the first phase, we're realistically now looking at five to 10 years of development and construction, meaning dirt everywhere, dust everywhere, bulldozers, large trucks, etc., which will cause our home values to potentially drop and will make it very difficult for residents to sell their homes to anyone other than a developer.

Scott Hicks

Upper Arlington