Just one Worthington intersection is among the 100 most dangerous in central Ohio, according to the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission.

Last week, MORPC released its annual report listing the 100 most dangerous intersections throughout central Ohio and the five most dangerous in each municipality. The intersections are ranked based on the number and severity of crashes over a three-year period.

In Worthington, the most noteworthy intersection comes at High Street and East Wilson Bridge Road, which has had 30, 34 and 29 crashes over the past three years; one crash resulted in "serious injury," the report said. The intersection came in as the final location on the top 100 rankings.

Dan Whited, the city's service and engineering director, said local leaders are aware of the difficulties of the intersection and are hoping some of the Ohio Department of Transportation's massive North Side Mega Fix project will help traffic concerns there.

"My understanding is that the North Side Mega Fix will help fix some of the problems there when some of the added intersection improvements get implemented and it clears up some congestion," he said.

Whited said his department monitors and "follows the best we can" dangerous intersections in the city.

"Of course in the long term, we want to be sure we can address these in the best way possible," he said.

Rounding out Worthington's five most dangerous intersections are High Street and state Route 161, which Whited admitted presents "some challenges;" Schrock and Huntley roads; East Wilson Bridge and Worthington-Galena roads, which will both be affected by the Northeast Gateway project; and Route 161 and Oxford Street. The latter intersection saw an increase from six crashes in 2015 to 17 in 2016.

Whited said he was not sure why, though it might have a lot to do with Route161 and High Street.

"Those things kind of fluctuate as time goes by, for whatever reason," he said.

For the full list of intersections, go to MORPC.org.