To the Editor:

The Hilliard Ohio Historical Society's Historical Village in Weaver Park is a wonderful place for community members and visitors to explore and learn about our area's history in the 1800s.

The society's board members felt the need to consider adding an automatic external defibrillator device for the safety of our many visitors. Naturally, we hope never to have an incident occur when we would need to utilize it, but we want to be prepared in case of an emergency.

Earlier this year, the society contacted Norwich Township fire Chief Jeff Warren for his advice on obtaining an AED. Warren not only suggested potential suppliers, he also provided us with a possible solution to help raise the funds for the purchase.

The fire department celebrated its 75th anniversary this spring. Before and during their anniversary banquet, Warren invited attendees to consider giving a monetary donation in honor of the historical society's many years of work preserving our community's history. Enough funds were collected that we were able to purchase our AED.

The device recently was installed in the Porter-Datz Museum in Weaver Park.

On behalf of the Hilliard Ohio Historical Society, I would like to publicly express our heartfelt thanks to Warren and all the firefighters at the Norwich Township Fire Department for helping the society obtain this invaluable device and for their dedicated service to our community.

Barbara Cash

Hilliard Ohio Historical Society president