The Worthington school district has a long history of excellence.

We have a supportive community and excellent teachers and staff to thank for our success. We recognize that our success also is based on how we react and adjust to change.

In Worthington, we have experienced a lot of change over the years.

Our history has included the construction of new buildings, like when enrollment increased to new heights 50 years ago, but it has also seen numbers decline, which forced the closure of buildings for a time.

When changes occurred, they seemed very big to the students, parents, teachers and administrators involved. Upon reflection years later, those changes actually are more like a blip in time.

We are currently in a situation where change is likely to occur again. Due to increases in student enrollment and aging facilities, some level of organizational change is going to be necessary, and that change will affect many in our district in multiple ways.

In borrowing a phrase I heard last winter from Worthington Hills sixth-grade teacher Greg Ross, let's make "big things big, small things small."

Our staff and teaches are focusing on what really matters: taking care of our students. We must make sure they have a trusted adult they know cares about them and believes in them. No matter where we teach our kids or what our attendance lines are – how we take care of our kids, invest in their lives and build relationships with them – those are the "big things".

We will learn about our students in order to connect with them on a real level, to show respect for their culture and affirm their right to the highest-quality education.

We will be kind to children and focus on building quality relationships with them.

Growth in our community will require us to take action. I am confident that in the future our students will look back and remember the people who believed in them, supported them and cared for them.

And the changes that impacted where they went to school or how many students were in their class? Small things.

Our mission in Worthington is to empower a community of learners who will change the world. To do that, we must keep big things big and small things small.

Trent Bowers is superintendent of Worthington Schools. Contact him by email at