The Ohio Department of Education is poised to release the results of its state report cards for Hilliard City Schools and more than 600 other public school districts.

The ODE told the district report cards would be released Thursday, Sept. 14, according to Stacie Raterman, a spokeswoman for the district. Parents should be able to find grades and information on each report-card component at

Districts already have received preliminary results.

Superintendent John Marschhausen said although the state report cards provide valuable information, they are but one barometer for the district.

"Of course, (we) are not satisfied with our report cards (but they are) one of many data points we take into consideration as we strive to continue to improve performance," Marschhausen said Sept. 12. "It is not the only valid measure; it's just one area."

Marschhausen said the state report cards have incorporated many changes during the past several years, and as a district, Hilliard has improved in areas that are not reflected in the report "because the target has moved again."

The district will not, he said, react solely to the results.

"We aren't going to change direction because of a once-a-year assessment," he said. "We believe we are providing tremendous educational experiences for our students. We will not teach to the test for the purpose of simply improving our grades on the state report card."