The next time you see a Jackson Township Fire Department truck coming down the road, you might notice a slight change in its appearance.

Aside from adding our department motto, "Our family protecting yours," to the side of our trucks, we have also changed the department's logo.

Since its creation, the Jackson Township Fire Department has used four different logos.

The first logo was designed around 1945, when the township first assumed emergency services for Grove City. Over the intervening decades, the logo has represented different elements of the fire service, and the design has changed significantly since its inception. Our logos have taken the shape of a triangle, a circle, an oval and currently a Maltese cross.

Department logos are an important part of the identity of a fire department.

Many fire departments include symbols, dates and mottos that represent the jurisdiction they serve.

Firefighters take great pride in collecting logos from other departments across North America, and displays of these logos and patches can be found in firehouses everywhere.

In 2015, as the newly promoted deputy fire chief, I embarked on a redesign of our department logo that would represent our department and establish a new identity. My goal was to include some element of each of the past logos as well as incorporate the American flag.

The first step was to set the logo in the shape of a Maltese cross.

The fire department's Maltese cross is an international symbol of the firefighting profession, showcasing the noblest qualities of courage and sacrifice that every firefighter possesses. Inside the cross is a flame surrounded by the date the Jackson Township Fire Department was established.

The American flag serves as the background to represent our great country.

Our logo is not only placed on all of our fire apparatus; it also is on everything from department letterhead to the uniforms that are worn every day. Making the switch was no easy task.

The new logo was designed and placed on the trucks earlier this year, and the uniform switchover will be completed in January 2018.

Our new logo represents the pride of our heritage and the dedication that our department has for the community.

I am extremely proud to be the deputy fire chief of the Jackson Township Fire Department and privileged to have had input on our department's identity.

Shawn Quincel is the deputy fire chief for the Jackson Township Fire Department.