A number of valid, altruistic arguments can and should be made in support of Issue 43 on Nov. 7. But where those arguments fail to resonate, I implore readers to think only of their own naked self-interest.

Upper Arlington's schools have long been a pillar of the community and one of the principal factors encouraging new residents to move to the area and existing residents to remain there. In turn, the demand for housing improves the value of Upper Arlington's homeowners' property.

The proposed levy would increase taxes by approximately $312 for every $100,000 of home value. Put another way, the taxes would equal 0.312 percent of a home's value. So I ask, would it be worth paying a fraction of 1 percent of your home's value to preserve and increase the value of that home?

Surely this is a pittance compared to the amount one can easily spend on even minor home renovations and maintenance that have the same goal. If anyone doubts the role that Upper Arlington's schools play in preserving property values, they need only compare the values of homes in our community with similar ones in surrounding districts.

I certainly understand and appreciate that no one likes paying taxes, but trying to save a few hundred dollars at the risk of jeopardizing your home's value seems to be "penny wise and pound foolish."

So, if nothing else, view this levy as an insurance policy on your home's value and vote for Issue 43 on Nov. 7.

Stephen Doyle

Upper Arlington