In discussing the proposed new school tax package with my wife, Bertie Gutter, she came up with the following suggestion.

Build the new high school at Northam Park and leave the existing football stadium, athletic fields and academic buildings in place. Transform the existing high school into a new community center with its wonderful auditorium, indoor swimming pools, gymnasiums, cafeteria and meeting rooms galore. The existing outdoor recreational facilities would be shared with both the city and the schools.

The activities of the senior center at Northam, which was formerly an elementary school, would move to the new community center, and the existing building would be razed to make room for the new high school. The park and outdoor facilities at both Northam and the existing high school would be shared by both the city and the schools.

Why tear down the current high school and move the football stadium and all the existing outdoor facilities to accommodate the new building? Surveys show many people want a community center and this would be a way to obtain such facilities at minimal cost. The current high school and Northam Park are only several blocks apart.

This approach will reduce the cost of the new high school while providing the city with a community center, a building which has already been funded by Upper Arlington taxpayers. Just a suggestion.

Marvin Gutter

Upper Arlington