The Ohio Department of Education released its state report cards for the 2016-17 academic year Sept. 14 and the New Albany-Plain Local School District received all A's and B's.

Parents can view grades and information on each report-card component at New Albany-Plain Local's report card is at

In a release, Superintendent Michael Sawyers said he was excited the district's 102.738 performance-index score was ranked 38th among the more than 600 public school districts in Ohio, an improvement from 64th the previous year.

Overall, the district received two A's, three B's and no ranking on the sixth component because it was not reported at the district level, according to a release.

The district received its A's for graduation rate and progress.

It had a 97.4 percent four-graduation rate and a 98.4 percent five-year rate.

For progress, which measures the growth all students make based on their past performance, it received all A's in all four of the subcategories, too.

The B's were in achievement, or how well students performed on state tests; gap closing, or how well schools are doing in closing the achievement gap of students based on income, race, ethnicity or disability; and prepared for success, a measurement of how prepared students are for college and technical training.

“One of the things that we’re seeing across the board is that achievement levels are up,” said Chris Woolard, senior executive director at the ODE.

The K-3 literacy component, which looks at how successful a district is at getting struggling readers on track to proficiency in the third grade and beyond, was listed as "not rated."

Woolard said the proper context is needed to understand the grades.

“We encourage parents and community members to talk to teachers and talk to principals,” he said.

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ThisWeek staff writer Thomas Gallick contributed to this story.