Upper Arlington schools slipped slightly on one of the Ohio Department of Education’s state report indicators but maintained its grades in all other areas.

The ODE released its state report card for the 2016-17 school year Sept. 14.

Overall, the district received two A’s, a B and two C’s. For the second year in a row, the district wasn’t rated for K-3 literacy.

Communications director Karen Truett said the district didn't get a grade in K-3 literacy for the second straight report card because fewer than 5 percent of its kindergartners were considered off track last year.

The district’s one drop, according to the report card, came in progress, which seeks to measure how much students have learned from one year to the next. In that area, the district went from a B in 2015-16 to a C in 2016-17.

The district received A’s for its graduation rates, based on how many students earn diplomas in four years and five years; and for the “prepared for success” indicator, which gauges how ready students are for college or a career based on ACT and SAT scores, as well as honors diplomas and earned industry credentials.

The B came in achievement, which measures student performance and passage on state exams.

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