The Violet Township board of trustees unanimously voted Sept. 6 to transfer emergency medical services dispatching and management responsibilities that Violet Township oversees to the MECC Regional Council of Governments.

The MECC Regional Council, otherwise known as the Metropolitan Emergency Communications Center, consists of five central Ohio townships. The organization's goal is to combine costs for emergency dispatching services for their fire departments.

In addition to Violet Township, the other government entities are Mifflin, Truro, Jefferson and Plain townships.

Collectively, the townships have pooled their resources and buying power to save money on essential things such as supplies, equipment, training, uniforms and health care costs.

The MECC Council of Governments was formed in 2016. All five townships appropriated $4,000 per month each for attorney's fees to be used to help determine the legality of collecting revenue and providing shared services. From 2004 to 2016, all of those same entities -- and the city of Whitehall -- collectively shared 911 services.

For the past 10 years, Violet Township has been responsible for the budget and the collection of funds and assets for the regional consortium. The resolution, which passed by a 3-0 vote, puts those obligations back onto the consortium.

"(MECC COG) will accept transfer of funds and assets and will accept responsibility for the oversight," said Violet Township Fire Chief Mike Little.

Violet Township trustee Terry Dunlap Sr. said the legislation will ensure that the Council of Governments will run the dispatching and hiring of medical professionals from here on out.

"This takes the burden off of us. It takes it off our hands," he said.

Little said Violet Township developed the budget for the consortium because COG had to show the Ohio State Auditor's Office that "we are accounting for those monies."

Little said more than $200,000 was in the COG Fund. He said the money is used to "pay the medical director, stipend for training, uniforms and EMS training opportunities."