To the Editor:

As a parent in our Upper Arlington school district, I know there is a lot at stake on Nov. 7, and that is why I find it imperative to vote "yes" on Issue 43.

Enrollment growth is a concern, and our facilities are in need of updating in order to avoid large, costly replacements and repairs to things such as heating, cooling, plumbing and electricity. This is also an opportunity to keep our educational programs where they need to be to compete with the other top school systems in the area. Our students need improved spaces for science, technology and 21st-century learning.

As an alumnus of the Upper Arlington school system, I was provided incredible educational opportunities in up-to-date facilities. Since my graduation in 1984, the facilities have had minimal structural updates and they are in great need of improvement. My wish is that my children and future generations of students have the ability to experience the same great opportunities I had.

Our support of the UA schools on Nov. 7 is of the utmost importance and every vote counts. Please help our schools and vote "yes" on Issue 43. We need to keep our schools and community strong.

Grant L. Jones

Upper Arlington