To the Editor:

The letter in the Sept. 14 ThisWeek Upper Arlington News suggesting high school relocation provokes memory of perhaps the greatest blunder by our school board some 35 years ago.

It is likely that few in the community are old enough to recall that the Wellington School site was once Fishinger Road Elementary, a part of the UA system that was included in an annexation from Perry Township and declared surplus and sold in 1982. Those 19 acres also included the bus compound located to the rear, centrally located, rather unobtrusive and grandfathered, having existed prior to much of the surrounding development.

It is my recollection that an assumption was made that the compound could simply be moved across the street to Hastings, until neighborhood protest erupted. Eventually, the city allowed a portion of its acreage on Roberts Road to be utilized to solve the problem.

Does anyone want to try to calculate the cost of 35 years of labor, fuel and wear, moving the bus fleet across the river daily, or for the future?

Had that board better anticipated future needs, wouldn't those 19 acres be handy to have today? Decisions made today have long-range consequences; I urge careful thought.

Fred Slaybaugh

Upper Arlington