To the Editor:

What an intriguing, out-of-the-box idea from Marvin and Bertie Gutter in the most recent Letter to the Editor.

It makes so much sense to create a new high school, maybe an adequate parking facility as well, on underutilized land on the north side of Northam Park.

Why not reconfigure the current Upper Arlington High School sports facilities and extant building for wider population benefit, including a community center? Upper Arlington has spent well on increasing the utility and beauty of the Tremont beltway, so why not integrate a new high school into this area of civic pride, as well?

The current UAHS location is remote from other civic facilities, has not stimulated peripheral development, and parking/traffic for the anticipated Zollinger Avenue building will be problematic for the neighborhood.

A related issue concerns the upcoming November school ballot levy, Issue 43. Our local taxes will rise significantly if it passes. Unfortunately, Franklin County has also recently concluded its once-every-seven-years home reassessment process, and we will all be paying significantly increased taxes on this front, as well. Might some folks vote down Issue 43 as this is the only optional increase?

Any plan to reduce the huge high school replacement cost, preserve expensive sports facilities and simultaneously create a much-needed community center should be very seriously considered.

Martin L. Spencer

Upper Arlington