Some days you wake up and know life can be brutal, but today I work up to a pleasant surprise.

On my door was a note from the Reynoldsburg Bureau of Water which said, "You are using an unusual amount of water, and we suspect you may have a leak in your home."

"Wow," I said to Pat, my wife, "what government agency does this -- telling us to check our water use so we do not have to be paying so much?"

Well, I called the bureau and talked to two ladies, at different times. Both were so nice, going so far as telling me how to check my toilets, where it usually happens in cases like this, including placing food dye in the tank, letting it sit for at least 20 minutes and then looking in the toilet.

Sure enough, I tried it and two of my four toilet bowls had blue dye in there afterward. Then I called a plumber who was also dumbfounded that the Reynoldsburg bureau was actually warning people of overuse of water. He noted that Columbus does not do this and my wife said Cleveland does not do this either.

This is after all the random acts of kindness going on in Texas and Florida, which included a nun using a chainsaw to clear a road in Florida.

Maybe we have a new country.

God bless.

Dan Moriarty