Why do we support Issue 43, Upper Arlington school levy?

Our family loves this community and what it has provided us and our extended family for over 60 years.

We vote based on the needs of the greater good of all of us in this community and, most importantly, we want to pay it forward for the many generations to follow. We commend our school officials and all those who have worked tirelessly on the school levy. Everything has been transparent and inclusive.

We ask everyone to become educated on the facts before making a decision. It's important for all of us to understand what will happen if the levy fails. It's a loss for our children and this community. There is not an option of simply doing nothing. If the levy fails, there will not be a revised levy, rather Band-Aid repairs will begin to our existing infrastructures.

In our opinion, this is not an acceptable outcome for the long-term success of our schools and our community.

Upper Arlington has long stood as a community to emulate. We have set a precedent for other schools since our inception and we pride ourselves on our exemplary traditions. Generations have supported our children and schools, and we have remained true to ourselves for over 100 years.

This is evident in our community today. We have consistently maintained appreciating home sales, excellence in academics and athletics in our schools and success in growing our commercial businesses in our landlocked town.

It is our responsibility to maintain this tradition for the next 100 or more years. We are growing, we are strong and we are Upper Arlington. Vote "yes" on Issue 43 on Nov. 7.

Aimee White

Upper Arlington