The Northridge Vikings and Johnstown-Monroe Johnnies are at battle for a good cause.

The districts are competing against each other through Friday, Oct. 6, to see which school can collect the most items for the Johnstown-Northridge Community Food Pantry.

When J-M Superintendent Dale Dickson learned that new Northridge Superintendent Scott Schmidt had expressed extreme confidence his district would win if a challenge were issued, the gauntlet was thrown down.

Dickson, via social media, has called on students and staff to lead the Johnnies to victory.

“I do not like to lose a challenge, especially when it is for a good cause,” he said. “My fellow Johnnies, I challenge each of you to help Johnstown win this year’s competition by bringing in your food donations to support our local food pantry.”

Dickson personally committed to bringing a pickup truck full of food to help the cause.

Schmidt said the Northridge Vikings have impressed him with their sense of community.

“I have no doubt that we as a Viking community can rally to support such a great cause,” he said. “I do find it interesting that after I suggested we compete again this year and that the Vikings would win, it took seven days for me to hear confirmation the challenge was on.”

Schmidt said he believes J-M started promoting the food drive before letting Northridge know the challenged had been accepted.

“I guess they felt they needed the head start to beat the Vikings,” he said. “In the end, the real winner will be the Johnstown-Northridge food pantry and the families they serve.”

The following point system will be used by the food pantry for the donations delivered from both schools:

• All regular canned/boxed items count one for one.

• Toilet paper counts each roll as one item.

• Ramen counts four packets as one item.

• Kool-Aid packets count 10 packets as one item.

• Bottled water counts four bottles for one item.

• Monetary donations count 50 cents as one item.

Dickson has suggested that the plaque for the winning school be presented at a Johnstown-Northridge basketball game (home game of the winning school) by the school superintendent of the second-place school.