Apple butter isn’t really butter; it’s a highly concentrated apple sauce that’s produced by cooking apples slowly, carmelizing the sugar. But like butter, it’s spread on toast and biscuits.

ThisWeek staffers are asked the question: What are your thoughts on apple butter?

Dennis Laycock: One of the worst variations in the jam/jelly/butter family. You can't beat good ol' grape jelly.

Scott Hummel: I like it in the fall and the fall only. The apple butter from Amish markets tends to be my favorite.

Lee Cochran: Meh.

Neil Thompson: It's a fun treat on toast when regular butter gets boring.

Lisa Proctor: I ate it more often as a kid but in general, it's good. Best if it's homemade in the fall with fresh apples.

Nate Ellis: Meh.

Andrew King: I've been a gigantic apple butter fan since I was young. Butter, peanut butter and apple butter sandwich: Try it.

Abby Armbruster: I grew up in Amish country, so I have a soft spot for it.

Sarah Sole: Love it. Very tasty.