Something is in the works for the former home of 8 State Bistro, but nothing is being shared just yet.

The site at 8 N. State St. in Uptown has been vacant since 8 State Bistro closed its doors in May.

The management of the restaurant, which opened in February 2016, was informed by the city of Westerville in late April that its water and electricity would be shut off because of multiple unpaid bills.

According to Christa Dickey, the city's spokeswoman, Westerville representatives contacted owner Kevin Campbell multiple times in order to work something out, but reportedly could not come to a resolution and had to turn off the utilities at the site.

Campbell has not returned multiple calls for comment.

But on the upcoming Nov. 7 ballot, the site is the subject of two liquor options labeled as Issue 28A and Issue 28B. According to filings from the Franklin County Board of Elections, MKS Ohio, under the name Becky Whitten, is requesting weekday and Sunday sales of beer and liquor on the site.

The building that houses 6-10 N. State St. is owned by a company listed as Westerville 6-10 State St. LLC, based in California.

Randy Sokol, who manages the property for Smith Realty Partners, said he's "working on something," but emphasized that "nothing is done" on the property yet.

"I don't have the liberties to discuss that," he said when asked who could be involved.

Jason Bechtold, Westerville's economic development director, said he was aware of conversations surrounding the site, but didn't have more information.

"We're not aware of any leases being executed," he said.

Bechtold said he was disappointed to see 8 State Bistro close, and the city is "looking forward to the next chapter" for the noteworthy Uptown site.

"It's an anchor in our Uptown," he said. "It's a significant square footage, and with the marquee being an iconic figure, having that lit is very important for Uptown and for the community."

While he said he didn't want to "comment on business performance," Bechtold said 8 State Bistro's closure wasn't a negative indication for the rest of Uptown.

"We have a strong occupancy in our Uptown district," he said. "I think that shows lot of businesses are doing great things and growing in our Uptown."

Sokol said he couldn't reveal any timeline or any other information, but indicated that once a deal was final, people would be aware.

"I'd imagine word will get around quick," he said.