The proposed 54-acre Morehead Farms development on the west side of Diley Road and south of Windmiller Drive cleared a final hurdle when Pickerington City Council voted 6-1 Oct. 3 to approve the multiparty project's final development plan.

The legislation sets in motion the construction of 108 multifamily housing units called Redbud Commons on 26.7 acres of the parcel called the Treplus development.

The Trilogy Health Services development, an 88,000-square-foot skilled-nursing facility, will be on 8.1 acres.

That facility will consist of 103 assisted-living units, 46 of which will be dedicated nursing units.

Additionally, 17.5 acres of the development will be reserved for future commercial/office uses for tenants to be determined.

The Treplus development will be designated as a community for those 55 years old and older to comply with federal regulations under the Housing for Older Persons Act. The housing units will be one-story ranch-style apartments with one or two bedrooms.

The final development plan allows for a southern access in the form of a signalized, full-access point off Diley Road to Cherry Hill Drive and William Henry Lane directly across from Cherry Hill Drive.

The agreement requires a northern access point as a left-turn lane onto Redbud Road from Diley Road for traffic traveling from the south.

About 7.5 acres of the parcel will be dedicated to a paved multiuse adjacent to Georges Creek.

Most of the Morehead Farms property was previously zoned C-3, which means it could have been developed for most commercial uses, including a large "big box" retail operation.

The Pickerington Planning and Zoning Commission voted to allow the entire parcel to be rezoned as a Planned Development District last May.

The lone vote on Pickerington City Council to vote against the final development plan was Jerry Dailey, who expressed concerns the traffic flow on Diley Road will be compromised.

"I've been against it because of the number of accesses are way too many," said Dailey, adding he envisions the Diley Road speed limit to be reduced from 35 mph to 25 mph "because of the number of accesses."

City Councilman Mike Sabatino said he understands Dailey's concerns.

"Right now there are minimal amounts of traffic control devices on Diley Road," Sabatino said.

"You do get the effect of diminution of clear passage every time you put a light in."

He said the city made the right call to install signalized access at Cherry Hill and Diley Road because commitments were made to residents in the past.

"Over the years the residents of Cherry Hill (subdivision) expressed concerns about how to get on Diley Road," Sabatino said. "We have to look out for citizens affected by new development."

Pickerington Mayor Lee Gray said the project is a good fit for the city.

"Two things we don't offer within the city limits is a nursing home with beds and a senior rental facility," Gray said. "As our population ages, we need to have different housing types. This also is not going to be a burden on the schools because it's an older demographic."