I read with dismay that the Upper Arlington schools are once again coming to the taxpayers with another request for money; this one quite large at $230 million.

The proposed tax increase would add more than $1,200 to the property taxes of the average UA home, more than $47,000 over 38 years. Add this amount to the already sky-high property taxes and I think many young families will decide Upper Arlington is too expensive.

We bought our home in 1986. The property taxes were $1,347. This year, they are $9,473, 65 percent of which goes to the schools. That is more than a sevenfold increase in 31 years, a 6.5 percent annual increase.

If Issue 43 passes, those figures will increase to more than $10,900, more than eight times our 1986 taxes annually. This rate of increase is clearly unsustainable. During this same period, school operational inflation has dwarfed the national rate of inflation.

Generally, in most areas of society and business, the inability to operate within a reasonable budget is a sign of mismanagement. Not everyone in UA has an income that increases 6.5 to 7 percent per year (seniors in particular, who in many cases have a fixed income), and many will find it difficult to remain in UA. Huge property taxes will certainly hurt the ability to sell homes in UA.

Finally, I note that this tax request lasts 38 years. I suppose that is to minimize the already exorbitant annual costs, but does that make sense? You would not buy a car on a 15-year loan.

There are simply too many problems with Issue 43. Please consider a "no" vote on Issue 43.

Tim Thurston

Upper Arlington