The end is in sight for the Glen Echo Bridge project.

"The expected completion date is Nov. 9, with some tree planting taking place next year," Ohio Department of Transportation spokeswoman Nancy Burton wrote in an email after consulting with the engineers overseeing the overhaul of the 97-year-old span.

The bridge shut down April 10, forcing through traffic from Indianola Avenue onto Weber Road, High Street and Arcadia Avenue instead.

The announcement of a completion date will be hailed by residents, Clintonville Area Commission District 1 representative David Vottero said.

He said the expected Nov. 9 conclusion of the project is within a few weeks of the original estimate of six months.

"I think we're glad to see the project winding up," Vottero said.

The work included rehabilitating the existing arch and bridge, replacing exterior concrete and bridge walls, providing a new driving surface, replacing the bridge railing, repairing stairwell to Glen Echo Park underneath the span, and painting the bridge walls and arch.

"The project has progressed well," Burton wrote. "The challenges on the project are twofold -- (there were) more utility relocations than expected, and the original plans for the Glen Echo Bridge could not be located, meaning the construction plans to build the new bridge were not around to use as a point of reference.

"Unseasonably heavy rains in July also presented challenges on-site."

Vottero said he's not sure most people realized the extent of the bridge rehabilitation.

"People who went down and visited the park or stopped by to see the project -- do a kind of sidewalk-superintendent thing -- got an idea of the magnitude of the project," he said. "If people bothered to visit the site at all, I think they got an idea of how much work had to be done over the summer."