Mini corn dogs are like many appetizers: deep-fried and salty and served with some kind of dipping sauce. They’re definitely a shareable starter although health-conscious eaters and vegetarians might take a pass.

ThisWeek staffers answer the question: Are mini corn dogs a great snack?

Dennis Laycock: A great snack, a great meal, they're just great overall.

Scott Hummel: Cornbread is good. But hot dogs are bad. So no.

Lee Cochran: If you're 10 years old.

Neil Thompson: Mini corn dogs are one of my favorite gameday appetizers from Roosters.

Lisa Proctor: Deep-fried salted meat? No.

Nate Ellis: They'll suffice, but I don't want to throw superlatives around.

Andrew King: As long as they're crispy and not mushy, sure.

Abby Armbruster: Yes! I survived on frozen mini corn dogs in college.

Sarah Sole: If they're vegetarian, they are for me.