It isn't all doom and tomb at the Green Lawn Abbey.

Some of the mausoleum's more famous residents will come to life at "Tales from the Crypt," to be held Friday, Oct. 27, and Saturday, Oct. 28.

"Spoiler alert: They're actors," said Kate Matheny, president of the Green Lawn Abbey Board of Directors, one of two preservation groups dedicated to the facility, 700 Greenlawn Ave.

Those being honored through dramatic recreation are Columbus Mayor George Karb; Samuel Jackson, an award-winning men's designer and tailor; and Dr. William Hunt, a longtime chief of neurosurgery at Ohio State University.

Professional actors dress in period clothing and recite the stories of the characters they're playing.

"It's informative, and it's fun," Matheny said. "It's about the history -- the history of these people, their lives and times."

The adult-oriented event includes a tour of the abbey and re-enactments at 7 and 8:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 27, and a tour only at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 28.

Popcorn and cider will be served.

Janice Loebbaka, president of the Green Lawn Preservation Association, said it's a good opportunity to show off the historic building, with its stone, pristine marble and updated infrastructure, such as new stained-glass windows.

The setting strikes a controlled amount of eeriness, Loebbaka said.

"Once you leave childhood, Halloween loses a lot," she said. "But I think we recreate that (feeling) here."

Families of those interred at the abbey often supply background and stories of their late relatives, she said.

"We've gotten pretty lucky and gotten some good stories," Loebbaka said.

Tickets are $22 and must be purchased in advance at Proceeds will be used to renovate the building.