An illegal after-hours club that prompted at least 28 police runs this year is being boarded up today, Oct. 26, after Columbus City Attorney Richard C. Pfeiffer Jr. secured an emergency court order to shut down the operation.

Officials say the property at 1516 W. Mound St. is a public nuisance that threatens the health, safety and welfare of residents of Columbus.

“The owners were given ample notice of the criminal and nuisance activities occurring at their property and for whatever reasons did not follow through on their obligation to put an end to it,” Assistant City Attorney Katarina Karac said.

The commercial structure is located in a manufacturing district, with the exception of residential, single-family homes directly north of the premises, according to a press release issued by Pfeiffer’s office.

It was operating without a liquor license or certificate of occupancy and became the scene of assaults, battery, drug dealing, weapons violations and robbery, the release said.

“This is yet another example of the different types of nuisance and criminal activities that our office can address using civil litigation,” Pfeiffer said in a prepared statement.