Northland Community Council development committee members backed a parking variance sought for an apartment complex on Kingshill Driveat their Oct. 25 monthly meeting.

"Our committee's recommendation concerning the Luma Properties case is approval without conditions," Chairman Dave Paul wrote in an email to Jeffrey S. Brown, attorney from Smith and Hale representing Luma Property Group in the request. It sought to reduce the number of spaces at the Center Court Apartments, 4881 Kingshill Drive, from the required 495 to the 460 that actually exist.

This discrepancy came to light, Brown told committee members, after the property owners went through a bank refinancing. The required survey revealed the shortage of parking spaces.

Relocating Dumpsters at the complex created the issue, Brown said.

Paul estimated that each Dumpster may have eliminated four or five parking spaces.

The complex has 330 units, Brown said. It has one- and two-bedroom units, and a 90-percent occupancy rate. It was built in 1974.

"It predates even my existence as a zoning attorney," Brown said.

He said he had counted the number of spaces used on a Saturday and Sunday in September. The count showed 241 spaces were used Saturday, 288 Sunday.

"It's a joke," committee member Dave Cooper, president of the Northland Area Business Association, said of Luma Property having to seek the parking variance.

"Not to the property owners because the bank is holding back money," Brown said.

William Logan, vice chairman of the development committee, said the complex has seen investment recently in the form of new perimeter lighting and security lighting on top of buildings.