After the mild winter of 2016-17, Columbus officials say they're more than ready for snow this season.

The city has at its disposal 87 snowplows -- both large and small -- along with 25,000 tons of road salt and 75,000 gallons of anti-icing and de-icing liquid.

National weather experts say the force known as La Nina is expected to bring colder temperatures and more ice to parts of the Midwest.

Jeff Ortega, spokesman for the Columbus Public Services Department, said not to worry: City crews will be on the job before the first flake touches asphalt.

"The city of Columbus will be ready for the upcoming snow season," Ortega said.

"The city of Columbus will do what it takes to keep the residents, visitors and businesses moving in the winter months."

Residents can monitor snow removal at, which tracks where plows have gone and where they plan to go next.

"I think, No. 1, snowplows are probably on people's streets more than people think," Ortega said.

Snow-removal equipment and ice treatment are placed at several locations throughout the city.

Some trucks have special plows that can fit in the narrow streets in some neighborhoods, such as Clintonville and German Village.

City crews are responsible for 6,387 lane miles of roadway, including state Routes 315 and 104 and U.S. Route 33.

Streets are ranked in terms of priority: Main arterials, such as High Street, are first; followed by collector streets, such as Dierker Road; and, finally, residential streets.

David Vottero, a member of the Clintonville Area Commission, said he lives on a narrow street in south Clintonville, where most residents park on the street.

"The realities of the city trying to send a snowplow down my road, a two-lane road, is impractical," he said.

Vottero gives snow-removal crews high marks overall, because he said central Ohio's winters are fairly unpredictable.

"I think they do a good job being proactive when the forecast calls for it," he said.