The higher city income tax voters approved in May will give a huge boost to the budget for improving streets and infrastructure in 2018.

Instead of the $500,000 Public Service Director Bill Sampson said was available this year for street work, the city will spend about $4.3 million in 2018 on several projects.

The list includes resurfacing a number of streets; major work in the area of Baldwin Road and Woodsedge Drive; parking lot improvements at Huber and Civic parks; and improving a crosswalk in Olde Reynoldsburg near Hunter's Florist and Vick's Gourmet Pizza.

Baldwin Road area

Sampson said pavement and curbs will be rebuilt on both sides of Baldwin Road near the Woodsedge Drive intersection, along with installing ADA-compliant curb ramps at the intersection and improving storm sewers and a deteriorated water main.

He said there have been seven breaks in the water main in that area since 2001.

"Baldwin Road has severe cracking and numerous areas of failed pavement, as well as aged and deteriorated utilities," Sampson said. "When the water line and storm sewer work is completed, the road will be repaired and resurfaced."

Other street projects

Other street projects on the list are a widening and overlay on Rodebaugh Road at the "S" curve; reconstruction, resurfacing, depth repair and spot curb replacements on Jackson Street, Foxchase Road, Furth Drive, Halverton Drive, Radekin Road, Astor Drive, French Drive, Epworth Ave., Glenford Court, Lockmere Court, Crosswick Court and Dean Court.

East Main crosswalk

The improved crosswalk at state Route 256 and East Main Street will enhance downtown "walkability," Sampson said.

The work will cost about $21,000 and will include the installation of flashing lights to alert drivers to stop.

"It would have a button to push on either side of the street, so before crossing East Main Street, pedestrians would push the button to activate the lights," he said. "It would be similar to the crosswalk that was installed at Brice Road."

He said M. P. Dory would install the signal and work on the crosswalk sometime next year, but no date has been established yet.

"Concrete will have to be poured to improve the crosswalk, but we don't have a firm timeline on that yet," Sampson said. "The good news is that we hope to have more pedestrian traffic in old Reynoldsburg."

Councilman Chris Long said the grand opening of Vick's Pizza and the success of the Prost restaurant that opened last year have produced an increase in pedestrians trying to cross East Main Street.

Sampson said the new eco-friendly, solar-powered pedestrian crosswalk enhancement is considered ideal for high-incident areas or where new traffic conditions exist.

"It would only be activated when a pedestrian is trying to cross," he said.

Parks and Recreation Department Director Donna Bauman said she is pleased the planned work includes parking lot improvements at Civic Park and Huber Park.

"These improvements and future growth would not have been possible without the strong support of our community," she said.