Reynoldsburg residents approved five charter changes for the city Nov. 7, which will go into effect as soon as the votes are officially certified by the Franklin County Board of Elections.

According to unofficial tallies by the elections board, Issue 21 was approved by 82 percent with 5,096 yes votes, or 82 percent, to 1,086 votes, or 18 percent, against it.

It allows City Council to set competitive bidding levels and provides more flexibility in bidding out contracts.

Joseph Bizjak, chairman of the charter review commission, said the amendment also requires that the purchase of supplies, materials and equipment, and construction of public improvements for the city be made through open competitive bidding.

He said all the amendments were intended to improve existing practices.

"Our goal was to modernize and streamline city government, while making sure people get a chance to weigh on decisions," Bizjak said.

Issue 22 was approved by 5,126 votes in favor, or 83 percent, to 1,042 votes against, or 17 percent. It grants City Council the authority to establish its own manner of publicizing city meetings at a minimum of 10 days in advance.

Issue 23 was approved by a vote of 3,968 in favor, or 66 percent, to 2,063 no votes or 34 percent. It reforms the appointment process for planning commission members by removing partisan requirements and requires the mayor to make a recommendation to council for each appointment.

Issue 24 passed by a count of 3,976 votes in favor, or 66 percent, to 2,039 votes against, or 34 percent.

It removes partisan requirements for appointments to the Board of Zoning and Building Appeals, allowing more opportunities for residents to serve, Bizjak said.

Issue 25 was approved by a vote of 4,529, or 75 percent, to 1,487 votes cast against it, or 25 percent.

Bizjak said it clarifies language in the zoning measures section of the city charter, which allows new businesses and entrepreneurs to better understand the city's zoning laws and actions.

According to the Franklin County Board of Elections, all votes will be certified by Nov. 28.