It's fairly common to take an hourlong drive to a town primarily for a specific restaurant but also to make somewhat of a day trip out of it. Many will drive an hour just for a favorite meal.

ThisWeek staffers ask the question: What’s the farthest you’ve driven for a meal?

Sarah Sole: Thirty minutes probably.

Lisa Proctor: To Lebanon, Ohio, for dinner at the Golden Lamb.

Abby Armbruster: I drove more than nine hours to have a fancy dinner at Chef & the Farmer, a restaurant in Kinston, North Carolina. The owner of Chef and the Farmer has a PBS series that my husband and I love, so we splurged by creating a vacation specifically around going to the restaurant.

Neil Thompson: My friends and I take an annual “24 Hours of BBQ” road trip, so my answer is 420 miles to St. Louis for lunch at Pappy's Smokehouse, which has the best ribs I've ever eaten.

Dennis Laycock: I once took a long road trip around Arizona and Nevada and ate at a different In-n-Out Burger every day. Does that count?

Andrew King: There's enough good food in central Ohio that I'm not sure I've ever felt the need to go too far just for a meal.

Lee Cochran: Two hours. I've done it plenty of times.

Nate Ellis: Well, I drove from Columbus to Memphis primarily to see Todd Snider, but Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken was also a factor, and I've considered making that trip many times just for the chicken.

Scott Hummel: Although I didn't drive there just for a meal, the only reason to drive to St. Clairsville is West Texas Roadhouse at U.S. Route 40 and Mall Road. It's a two-hour drive from my house.